Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June and July

Mosquito net distribution at my health center

Mosquito nets!

Singing at the graduation ceremony

Map of Malawi at my house

Crowded minibus from my site

This is the Head Teacher at Kanjiwa CDSS with timber and cement for the girls dormatory that we're building.  Funding for this project comes from the Peace Corps Partnership Program and community donations. 

This is the boarding master with cement, iron sheets, nails, etc for the dorm. 

Paint, wire, etc.

trenches for the dorm foundation

trenches for the dorm foundation

Sunday, June 10, 2012

April and May

Mom and Dad came to visit me in Malawi and we went on a safari in Zambia and saw giraffes!...

...and elephants!...

...and zebras!...

...and baobob trees! Oh my!

We rode in this jeep.

In Malawi we saw ostriches...

...and other unusual-looking birds!

My friend Gracian with Nala.

I love pumpkins!

Watch out!  I've got a hoe!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The math teacher at Kanjiwa making a poster for his class.

A student waiting for his Malawi State Certificate Examination (MSCE) results.

students playing soccer on a muddy field

This is Grant, who teaches Biology, Geology and Bible Knowledge.  He's smart, articulate, funny, supportive and perceptive and probably the person I'm closest to in Kamsonga.  

This is the school secretary sitting by the second-hand computer that the school just purchased.  They are trying to fix their larger generator or get solar panels so that they can use it. 

Kanjiwa's library. 

Ngombe (cow) road that leads to my site.

A guard in front of the Peace Corps Malawi office in Lilongwe.

One of my favorite places to relax in Lilongwe - Bohemian Cafe. It's in the same space as Land and Lakes Safaris - the company my parents and I are using to go on a safari to Zambia next month!

This is Isaac.  He's one of my students and is looking for an American pen pal.  Here is his introduction letter.  Please let me know if you are willing to be his pen pal.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a boy of twenty years of age.  I come from Chikuse village here in Ntchisi district.  I am in form four to complete my secondary school education.  I would like you to be my pen pal.  I will be very happy if my request will meet you in time.

Now are the questions that I have in my mind concerning your country.  What is your staple food in America?  Where is your homeland in America?  Lastly, here in Malawi people believe in one God.  What about in America?

Finally, I would like to know more about your life.  How are you?  I am very well here in Malawi.  I will be very happy if you are fine.

Yours Faithfully,

Tadala Lodwell Isaac

Monday, March 5, 2012


Jen and Sean.  They are Peace Corps volunteers who also live in Ntchisi and I visited them at their house in February.  This is a bouquet that a neighbor girl made for them. 

Sean is an amazing cook.  This is one of the things he made for us while I was visiting: omelets topped with homemade dill and garlic mayonaise and sauteed potatoes, beets and carrots. 

Jen and Sean's house

Sean and Jen have a chicken with chicks and they made this sign for the door to where they roost.

This is the health center that Jen and Sean live right next to. 

Some of the girls from Jen's girls group at a secondary school a few kilometers away from her house.  We rode our bikes there so I could lead a presentation on sexual decision making.

The girls group with a demonstration penis and male and female condoms.

This is at Kanjiwa Community Day Secondary School, where I teach Life Skills.  The teachers constructed a hand washing station.  I donated some soap.

This is Charles.  He's one of my students.

This is Dalitso.  She is one of my students.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is Rachel, a friend and fellow PCV, with some of her students.  She teaches math at a community day secondary school in southern Malawi (Zomba).  I visited her and led sessions with her students about sexual decision making. 

Rachel's school (St. Bridgit's Community Day Secondary School)

Rachel's house.

Rachel's site.

The penis model that I use for condom demonstations.

Friends and Peace Corps Volunteers, Dana and Cassie, at Cassie's house.  She lives in Lilongwe district and I visit her sometimes.


My table at home with chickpeas, sunglasses, sunscreen, cell phone, tape.

some of my students